NMIS possesses extensive experience in all aspects of propulsion drive train installations and maintenance. Here’s a breakdown of the specific services we offer:

New Installations

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Machine Installation & Commissioning

We assist in selecting the optimal prime mover (engine) based on vessel requirements and work closely with engine manufacturers to ensure seamless integration with the drivetrain.

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Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) Programs

Our expertise encompasses various gearbox types, including reduction gears and reverse gearboxes. We perform precise installation and alignment to ensure smooth power transmission.

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Shafting and Coupling

NMIS provides expert shaft selection, fabrication (if needed), and installation, ensuring proper alignment and secure coupling to the engine and gearbox.

Prop Install

Propeller Selection and Installation

We collaborate with Michigan Wheels to recommend and install the perfect propeller for each vessel, considering factors like vessel size, operational profile, and desired performance characteristics.

Maintenance and Repair

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Engine Maintenance

Our skilled technicians perform routine engine maintenance and troubleshooting to maintain optimal engine performance and longevity.

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Gearbox Maintenance

We offer preventative maintenance and repair services for gearboxes,including oil changes, component replacement, and adjustments.

Aligning drive shaft of a diesel generator coupling with ACOEM Lasers.

Shaft Alignment

NMIS utilizes advanced laser alignment techniques to ensure precise alignment of shafts, minimizing vibration and wear on components.

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Stern Tube Maintenance

We perform inspections, cleaning, and repairs of stern tubes, ensuringproper shaft support and seal integrity.

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Propeller Repair and Balancing

Through our partnership with Hale MRI, we offer advanced propeller scanning for internal crack detection. Our technicians also possess the expertise to repair damaged propellers and perform dynamic balancing for optimized performance.

Additional Services

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Vibration Analysis

NMIS utilizes advanced vibration analysis tools to identify potential issues within the drivetrain, allowing for proactive maintenance and preventing breakdowns.

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Control Systems Integration

We can integrate electronic control systems for controllable pitch propellers (CPP) and other advanced propulsion systems.