Whether you operate a power generation plant, a manufacturing facility, or any other industrial setting, NMIS can deliver precision alignment solutions for your critical rotating machinery.

Machine Installation & Commissioning

Our meticulous installation procedures and advanced instrumentation guarantee the precise alignment and functionality of your machinery from the outset.

Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) Programs

We design and implement customised RCM programs that leverage advanced data analysis and diagnostics to proactively identify and address potential equipment issues, preventing costly downtime.

Vibration Analysis & Troubleshooting

Our skilled engineers utilise advanced vibration monitoring and analysis techniques to diagnose the root cause of equipment vibration and recommend corrective actions.

Machine Run Testing & Performance Optimisation

We conduct comprehensive machine run testing to assess performance parameters and identify areas for improvement. We then collaborate with you to implement strategies for optimising efficiency and reliability.

Training & Knowledge Transfer

NMIS offers a range of training programs to empower your personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively maintain your rotating machinery.

Predictive Maintenance

Utilising predictive maintenance NMIS extends production by minimising unnecessary maintenance through human error.