NMIS equips you with a comprehensive suite of products designed to maximize efficiency and extend the lifespan of your critical machinery in maritime and industrial settings. Our focus lies on precision maintenance solutions that minimise downtime, optimise performance, and ensure operational safety.

The cornerstone of this approach is the innovative RotaChock, an adjustable, self-leveling chock that streamlines installation and alignment of rotating equipment. This precise alignment, coupled with the strategic placement of resilient mounts and flexiblecouplings offered by NMIS, significantly reduces prop-shaft vibration and protects propellers, shafts, bearings, and seals from damage.

Additionally, NMIS incorporates the ACOEM AT series alignment tooling for meticulous fine-tuning, ensuring peak propeller efficiency and minimal wear on critical drivetrain components. By proactively monitoring vibration, temperature, and other vital parameters with ACOEM monitoring solutions, you can identify and address potential issues before they escalate into major failures.

NMIS goes beyond precision maintenance with its partnership with Megajet, offering a robust selection of engine-driven machinery like versatile “4-in-1” workstations, reliable generators, and efficient welder/generator combinations, empowering you to achieve peak operational efficiency, increased safety, and regulatory compliance across your maritime and industrial endeavors.

Rotachock Slimline Installed


The RotaChock® is an adjustable, self-leveling, and reusable chock for mounting rotating equipment. The RotaChock® is a blend of engineering and years of field experience that has resulted in a robust, stiff, and elegant gap-filler to end machinery Soft-Foot.

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ACOEM provides solutions for environmental monitoring, industrial reliability, and security. They offer tools for monitoring air quality, emissions, noise, and vibrations, alongside systems for predictive maintenance and machine alignment. ACOEM aims to optimise industrial operations, reduce environmental impact, and enhance safety through technology and data-driven insights.

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Megajet manufacture a large range of engine driven machinery, and are most commonly known for our industry leading ‘4-in-1’ workstations. They also offer a range of Megajet generators and welder/generator combinations for rural use or industrial/mining applications where electrical compliance is paramount.